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Yes, I know how this looks like but, just as it appears, I program when I get bored, ...


     My first programming language. I have a soft-spot for this language.
It's so simple to use I use it when I get bored. I just love dropping in the OCX objects, customizing
them and just making small little applets. This language I first learned back in 2001 when I first
stepped into high school. I quickly understood it, and led me to competitions - won 1st place in Miami,
and 1st place in the state of Florida, unfortunately I lost in Nationals... Either way I really like
this language, I sometimes use it for professional programs to access databases and sort reports.


     My second programming language. I absolutely love this language, it's everything
you will ever need, it's like a Swiss Army knife. It's got all the speed you will ever want from a OOP programming
language, it's got all the flexibility of a low-level language, and pure POWER at your finger tips. That is...
unless you are using any Windows NT based family of OS's, which then you are very much powerless, since thanks
to Microsoft the OS comes on total freak-lock-down. And you are at the mercy of what Microsoft allows you to
play with. My favorite language... I wouldn't trade it for all the gold and silver of the world.