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Yes, the XBOX gets an update,.. by me!


     Firstly, let me start out by explaining what modding is (just in case);
modding - is a short for modifying... but geeks prefer the term "to mod" than "to modify" ...
get it? Good. I have done several things to by XBOX (the original) - I added LED's to the control buttons,
just to say I did it. The XBOX controller is a standard USB cable with one extra yellow wire
(which is to sense where or not is connected.) whether or not you know this, the USB supplies a
standard 5v of electricity to the remote, all I did was get a 100ohms resistor, soldered it to the
5v and add wires connecting the resistors to the LED's inside the 4 main buttons (X,Y,A,B). And
well every time you connect the controller in, bam! The four main buttons light up... itís magic!

I've done alot more "hands" on work with hardware, but wouldn't like to bore ya.