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About me

     The name's Javier, and I'm from this little island south of Florida called Cuba. Not much to say there exept I'm here now!!



Favorite Movies

Water World, The Blue Lagoon, The Count of Monte Cristo, Independence day, The Time Machine, Scary Movie 1-2-3, Serendipity, Equilibrium, most of the 007 movies (new and old), The Terminator 1-2-3, The Day After Tomorrow, Pirates of the Caribbean, Matrix (All), Fifth Element, Gladiator, The Goonies, The Core, Hackers 2, Bad Boys I & II, I Robot, The Big Hit, The Patriot, and so many that I can`t think of right now.

Favorite TV Shows

Martin, Fresh Prince Of Bell Air, South Park, Boy Meets World, Friends, Everybody loves Raymond, Seinfeld, The Simpsons, Home Improvements, Family Guy, etc.

Favorite Music

Genres Hip-Hop, R&B, Punk, Rock, Alternative, Electronic, Reggeaton, Latin, Jazz, Classical, Pop.